March 12, 2019

The second annual event of the formed Jagnuts Racing League (JRL) took place this past Tuesday on the once again newly resurfaced Lewry Motorsport Park, the last event being held in 2012 (OK, not quite annual then). This event was agin much anticipated, and again covered by the worldwide racing press.

Due to the exclusivity of the event, the team were restricted only to Team Chris, Philsand Engineering (last event champion), and Pop Racing. This truely magnificent field were the three finalists the last exciting event.

Team Chris once again brought the racing machines to the event, as once again the other team were penny wisr and pound foolish, having spent all their hard earned advertising revenues on petrol to get to the event.

There were several warm up laps, and once again Team Pop showed his alacrity to spend a good deal of his time upside down. Indeed there were comments from the many fans that Team Pop was faster upsidedown than rightside up.

Team Chris showed his prowess due to his familiarity with the track, with only the rare mistake to slow his time.

Philsand Racing was neck and neck with Team Chris for the lead in all events, with the time between them being so slight that a decision could not be made on the winning team.

Oncve again all drivers commended the race organizers, including Team Chris and the staff at Lewry Motorsport Park for hosting this exciting amazing event.

Stay tuned for the next event scheduled for Lewry Motorsport Park in the not-too-distant future.