MAY 16 to 19, 2018

A Journey and a Car Show


May 16
Seperately, we make our way to Calgary.

May 17
The next morning we gather for breakfast in Black Diamond

Then south to our rendesvous with the Saskatoon contingent at Lundbreck Falls
Westward Ho !
Lunch in Cranbrook
We arrive in Grand Forks BC, where we had a hotel booked.
Unfortunately the week before the town was flooded,
and our motel (Johnny's) had been under one metre of water.
Water was still very high.
We continued westward, on to Osoyoos.
Water level was high in Osoyoos too,
but we booked a hotel high up the side of the valley.

May 18
Osoyoos to Vancouver

Lunch in Hope
Then on to Vancouver

May 19

Chris' Pacific/Atlantic Midget

Lunch was REALLY good!

Phil pretty much cleaned up
in the awards department

After a day of great cars in a great venue, we head our seperate ways.

Tony, Donna, Bob, and Lynn head south on a driving holiday.

Don and Phil head north to Whistler, then home.