April 17, 2012

The inaugral event of the newly formed Jagnuts Racing League (JRL) took place this past Tuesday on the newly resurfaced Lewry Motorsport Park. This much anticipated event was fully covered by the worldwide racing press due to its prestigious lineup of racing teams.

First and foremost of the famous teams was Team Chris, who brought out a full complement of racing machines for this initial event on their home track (truth be told they were the only cars that showed up - the other teams had to borrow, beg, and steal track time with Team Chris' cars).

Team Forsyth was a surprise in not making the final, as their skill in the warm-up and first heats was nothing short of amazing.

Wrongway Wracing was very pleased with the fact the cars were running on a slotted track as this afforded much less chance of taking a wrong turn. Their slow but steady approach to the track served them well and it was only a twist of fate in the penultimate event that prevented their appearance in the final.

Murray Motorsports was disappointed that there were no open cockpit racers. With the ambient temperature being near zero degrees and raining, they felt this would have played nicely to their strengths.

Philsand Engineering displayed amazing talent, and eventually won the JRL Cup with their thrilling narrow victory in the final event.

The unheralded and much maligned Pop Racing was there, whose surprise appearance in the final was an unexpected treat. There is no truth to the rumour that Pop racing was so named as their lead driver (Bob) spent most of the time on the track upside down.

The day opened with the warm-up laps as all teams sent their racers out on track to hone their skills. With the exception of Team Chris, the track was new to all, so it took some time to get up to speed. Not much rubber had been laid down on this new track, so the participants spent much of their time during warm-up, cautiously finding their way around the new asphalt with much oversteer and the occasional "off".

Team Chris as expected did well in qualifying due to their experience with the track. They moved on unquestionably into the 1st heat with their skill quite evident.

Qualifying turned out to be a disaster for Pop Racing, as they trailed the field in their new Porsche. After doing well in the warm-up in the Jaguar, the Ferrari they had hoped to see them through the rest of the event threw a differential and you could feel the disappointment on the team mechanic's faces as the car could not be brought back to the pits for repair. The Porsche they finally qualified in did not seem to suit their driving style well.

The other four teams battled it out for 2nd through 5th in qualifying,with no too much between them in terms of skill and endurance.

The first 100 lap heat was won by Team Chris, again showing his skills by leaving the other two teams in their wake.

Philsand Engineering took the second 100 lap heat while displaying an amazing ability to keep their car true, minimizing oversteer, and generating fast laps.

The consolation heat featured Team Forsyth, Murray Motorsports, Wrongway Wracing and the slow Pop Racing, and was truly amazing. It was the only four-car event of the day, and both the spectators and the press were delighted at the skill of the teams. Most surprisingly, Pop Racing won the heat and moved on to the final.

The final was nothing short of awe inspiring. All 100 laps were filled with thrills, spills, and unendurable excitement. Philsand Engineering took the event and with it the JRL Cup (more of a can, really) with only the slightest 0.718 second margin over Team Chris. The Pop Racing showed up in a new Audi, but the car spent much of the event struggling with oversteer, winding up a dismal 13 laps behind the leaders.

All drivers commended the race organizers, including Team Chris and the staff at Lewry Motorsport Park for hosting this amazing event. Drivers and mechanics are looking forward to the next JRL event, also scheduled for Lewry Motorsport Park in the near future.

A truly amazing lineup of cars and talent

Team Chris and Team Forsyth enjoying a brief lull in the action

A good overall view of Lowry Motorsport Park

The heavy Jaguar held an edge, displaying minimal oversteer

Wrongway Wracing leads Murray Motorsports near the start/finish line

Philsand Engineering, Pop Racing, Murray Motorsports, and Team Chris
intent on the action

Wrongway Wracing, Team Forsyth, Team Chris, and Philsand Engineering
focusing on the intense racing action

Timing from the Championship Race

Phil, team principal of Philsand Engineering, proudly displays the wining car alongside the prestigious JRL Cup