July 24/25, 2010
Brits by the Bus

We line up for a Tim's before heading to Saskatoon

And We're off !

And we're stopped before we leave the highway on-ramp !

Bob has a problem that we can't fix. Bob and Lynn go back for a more relaible but less characterful vehicle. The rest head on to Saskatoon without any further troubles.

And we're off, again !
And we finally arrive in Saskatoon


Morning comes early for Brits by the Bus

Mike the media magnet ...




End of a fine day. We head back home.

Thelma and Louis go topless!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Glen developes a spot of bother.
It turns out to be a bad condenser which, thanks to Bob Forward of Saskatoon, gets fixed and Glen is back on his way.