Shipwright's Syndrome, and, in its more serious condition Shipwright's Disease, is a highly infections condition that breeds in classic British car seat leathers and vinyls. Very few people are immune.

It's symptoms are an ever increasing amount of time spent putzing around on your automobile, and an ever decreasing bank account. The most serious cases are reported when an infected individual goes to replace a burnt out turn signal light, and, then, many hours later, usually early in the morning after forgetting to go to bed, he or she finds the engine in pieces at his or her feet wondering "Whatever have I done ?" or, in even more serious cases "OK, what's next ?".

There are self help groups, where infected individuals gather to discuss their most recent relapse. They disguise themselves as car clubs and the like.

CAUTION : There is no known cure!

Hello, my name is Bob, and I have "the disease"